GS/HrWar AirBase layouts: SOP's

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GS/HrWar AirBase layouts: SOP's

Postby II./JG1_Schulte » Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:45 am


Since. the GS/HrWar, map is going to open for orientation. I thought I'd post my notes, on Air Base ground
navigation. Getting to and finding the runway(s) "Safely" , is easy if you understand how an Air Base is layed out.
II./JG1_Schulte (Moxy)

My note's:


GS/CLoD HRWar, Airbases runways and Taxiways, are systematically laid out , and use a minimal
amount, of identical “objects”, for ground navigation intelligence, orientation, and “safe” taxi.
“Dead is dead”, Begins at spawn in. This can include collisions with aircraft, or ground objects. Procedural taxing is advised.

Airbase layouts.

Runways: All active runways, of player spawn , weather visual or not, will have Yellow placard signs. “paralleling” the
“starboard” side of the “upwind” runway. (These are Not a collision threat)

At each end of a runway, there will be 2 buildings. Defining the runway”s virtual “threshold”. A control tower, with windsock on top..”Starboard”. And a red a white checkerboard portable command center..”Port”. Airborn, weather a runway is graphically visible or just grass, these 4 building's
define a runway.

Spawning: All aircraft spawns are placed "near in"or “wings out” of revetments, hangers, or camo nets.
There are no “open ground” spawn places, up to 20.

Revetment spawned aircraft are facing towards runways. Camo net spawned aircraft, face away from runways. Hangers have no particular direction, they can be map defaults or placed. Red and white placard signs are placed “against”, unused or “default” spawn revetments or hangers. In general “spawn places” parallel runways

“Guard towers” and “Red n White” placards, are used to mark outer parameters or obstructions, of taxi ways and or airfields.

Note: Certain “tight”Airfields, can spawn aircraft , paralleling and facing a runway, Therefore creating
a taxi way in between. Caution of proximity, to the runway and spawn places, from taxing aircraft should be observed.

Yellow placard: Starboard runway markers (up wind)
Red n White placard: Unused spawn places or “Should not cross” marker
Guard tower: “Should not cross”. obstruction marker
Revetments: Face "towards" runways
Camo nets: Face "away" from runways
Hangers: Face "any" direction

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