Commentary: from Minister of Orders, Axis command

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Commentary: from Minister of Orders, Axis command

Postby II./JG1_Schulte » Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:11 pm

Commentary: from Minister of Orders, Axis command


As many of you know, I have been placing the orders for Blue. Mainly to learn, lighten the workload
for Steacher, and develop a system for commanders in the future. So I gave myself a title lol.
Placing “Orders”, literally meaning, telling the system/game to produce the supplies and aircraft, to keep us operational, and also to produce the offensive/defensive materials, and to move these units.
I have been doing this systemically, on a limited bases. Basically keeping up supply and demand to keep air operation's going. But with an eye on toward the offensive. Army’s, and Navy’s are in place, and are being tactically moved for an invasive offensive!
As far as placing “orders” to the system/warmap gui (commanders responsibility), I've been using
Window's 7 “speech recognition”, and easily building a custom vocal GS dictionary, in conjunction with Open office, also building a custom dictionary. This double checks any syntax. And for myself, has simplified and systematized the ordering process! Ship's and columns are being moved by drag n drop, in the GUI, as their numbers are small.

WAR commentary: The Allies Strike Back!

Since the opening of hostilities, we (Axis) have been executing pinprick raids against the allies,
industrial complex's near Lewis. Including raids on Wilmington's airfield storage and supply.
Visual intel has reported large smoke plumes, over the Power Plant, Refinery, and Factory complex's,
near Lewis, North to North West of Wilmington Airbase! Speculation is that Wilmington AB, is close
to being shut down to air operations. As it is known that Fuel supply was also hit. And that resupply
now must come further from the rear, resupply/times, depending on distance of the next/nearest industrial facilities.
We also hit their Airfield up North at Redhill, limiting some of the Fuel reserves. It was noted, by the pilots of the raid, that they were engaged at Redhill, indicating the Allies are conducting air operations
out of Redhill and expanding the front. In conjunction on Tuesday, the Allies destroyed our Power plant in the central front region. Also an indication of expanded air operations North.
Air to Air skirmishes, were reported off of the Southern coast, at altitudes over 6000meters. Therefore
“N” models of the 109 are being delivered Sunday to the front line, and Southern bases to counter this threat.
Our “invasion Fleet” is being loaded for an offensive landing in the near future, directly off of the coast of our airbase at Shoreham. You might have noticed the heavy concentration of Flak guns in this sector, Most defensive and offensive guns in this sector will be loaded onto the fleet for invasion.
Leaving Shoreham defended by the destroyer fleet offshore at this time. Resupply for the defense of Shoreham will be on it way and should be arriving before the the fleet leaves.
Army's are at the ready up north near Gilford. We will hold these in reserve, for the time being.

Economics: Basically our sorties, are very expensive! We are producing incredible amounts of waste!
Until the Allies start to hit our industry, we can sustain a “anything you want” economy indefinitely.
But, we are continuously showing, economic down trends (exchange rates for supplies). I believe
this is due to wastage and losses.


Currently spare parts (repkits) at Shoreham are “Nil” so damaged aircraft should return to other bases.
Be advised, that this is give away intel to all! Plan your missions accordingly.
And please stop scratching my planes! Lol.



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