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Intel for Sunday

Postby II./JG1_Schulte » Fri Apr 22, 2016 10:55 pm

~S~ Gents

With the "invasion fleet" ...we lost Shoreham AB.

Were gonna get it back. But its gonna take a little time.

Tangmere: Ive repaired all the damaged aircraft

Ordered Stukas to the base (they will be there at mission start)

Fuel is also ordered....fuel columns produced

Bombs are also ordered....Everything has to be delivered.."on the road and vulnerable"

Destroyers are on the move...forward (to sit/protect/re-take) Shoreham

OP-ords...."Ferry" Bombs from any base to Tangmere (14 at the base , not enough)

Protect the columns...their at the closest factory and refinery.

Also I ordered a lot of AAA/units from "factory 17" an army.

The existing army up north, I'm moving south to Shoreham.

I might be real late Sunday....All the intel is in the Warmap/Gui!!!

Try, do, everything! Retaking of Shoreham AB is the will take 3 missions.

Have fun!


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