"intel" German.... for Sunday

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"intel" German.... for Sunday

Postby II./JG1_Schulte » Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:59 pm

~S~ Gents!
I'm giving away my "secrets" for testing
What I've posted at my home base, II ./JG1
See ya tomorrow
II./JG1_Heinz "Moxy" Schulte


Tuesdays mission on the ground, went pretty darn good.

We retook Shoreham, and Sank their destroyers! And ta boot...

All the resources at Shoreham are still intact IE fuel/bombs/ammo/repkits

So I ordered up some 109 3b's (10). That will be on the base for Sunday.

OK the airwar, attendance has been low at this point, but that's OK....People are checking in

as you can see at GS forums. Trust me..its gonna pop!

Anyway as predicted, were starting to burn up resources. (fuel/bombs/repkits/ammo)

Supplies are being unloaded, and we are purposely, leaving resupply a little loose.

But as "we" learned...you can ferry. Which I thought was a great success Tuesday, because of the learning experience!

Op-ords...It really depends on attendance.

Right now, its a matter of studying the warmap, and just hurt them, however you can!

My suggestion is...to kill all their industry around Wilmington and stay alive!

Realistically, were testing and having fun! But, we are starting to burn up supplies and aircraft, As soon as the Allies show up,

it starts to gets serious! And this could happen Sunday. Resources, are not even and decisions have to be based on this.

In Game, you'll find our there isn't enough bombs, as an example. Choosing a different airbase will solve the problem, and create another as "we" progress. You have to be on top of this, through the warmap.

OK here are the "orders" with notes for us, Im putting in for Sunday....again play the map, it will shortly make sense

makeaircraft 17 Bf-109E-3B 8 6 Shoreham factory is after this almost out of money
makeaircraft 18 Ju-88A-1 10 6 South Hampton resupply aircraft to bring fuel forward
ResupplyAirfield COLUMN_15468_AXIS_Chief 37
ResupplyAirfield COLUMN_15471_AXIS_Chief 10000
ResupplyAirfield COLUMN_15469_AXIS_Chief 50
ResupplyAirfield COLUMN_15470_AXIS_Chief 50 Tangermere loaded up with fuel and bombs
XY COLUMN_15472_AXIS_Chief 133437 199559 0 fuel for Shoreham (unload next mission)
XY DESTROYER_14932_AXIS 132895 195124 0 Protection for Shoreham
XY DESTROYER_14930_AXIS 135298 197276 0
XY DESTROYER_14933_AXIS 133448 197105 0
Move Al19 AM 19 Protection for Shoreham
XY AAA_15621_AXIS 116774 208063 0 Move triple A to surround the factory
XY AAA_15637_AXIS 116650 207327 0
XY AAA_15631_AXIS 114848 206449 0
XY AAA_15630_AXIS 115782 206708 0
XY AAA_15625_AXIS 114584 208162 0
XY AAA_15620_AXIS 114211 207019 0
XY AAA_15632_AXIS 114053 207729 0
XY AAA_15628_AXIS 113548 207415 0
XY AAA_15638_AXIS 114584 206763 0
XY AAA_15627_AXIS 113449 206929 0
XY AAA_15619_AXIS 114390 207111 0
XY AAA_15629_AXIS 115284 206885 0
XY AAA_15636_AXIS 115223 207027 0
XY AAA_15635_AXIS 115786 207898 0
XY AAA_15633_AXIS 116301 207222 0
XY AAA_15622_AXIS 117062 207545 0
MakeShip 14 Minensuchboote 5 Got ta have Minensuchboote's


Read it, explore it! http://www.ghostskies.com

Pass word for "Campaign status"is "axis_pass"

Cheat(not really, its open for testing) look at the enemy! PW "allied_pass"

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