Moxy "intel" Tursday"

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Moxy "intel" Tursday"

Postby II./JG1_Schulte » Mon May 02, 2016 9:05 pm

~S~ Gents

The first thing, the flying pilots...pressed Stecher...with more or less, when are we gonna rock this thing?

Basically, Stecher replied "We going public next week".

Although "we've" be playing a "live/testing campaign"..its systematic missions, but educational!

And so educational....That 1 of "our" pilots...realized the in depthness of this... command vs flying!

The bottom line is..."Command" will have to be organized..vs just "I want ta fly pilots" IE tell me what ta do

No problem!

The warmap gives you everything!!!, Its not organized in a way that were use to. But all the "intel" is all there!

OK for Tuesday...Im actually giving all the "intel" by reporting the "orders"

Again its "study" "My orders" and see what is transpiring on the war map.

Hurting the enemy, at the "command orders"/infrastructure is what I'm playing with.

"We destroyed the factory at Lewis...I've moved an army of half tracks in the area to see if we can "capture" the grid.

I've repaired a lot of planes..But..."Bombs" as a resource is week......................
Here are the the map!

Repair 6 Bf-109E-3B@4
Repair 6 Bf-109E-3B@1
Repair 6 Bf-109E-3B@4
Repair 6 Bf-109E-3B@3
Repair 6 Bf-109E-3B@3
Repair 6 Bf-109E-3B@1
Repair 6 Bf-109E-4B@1
Repair 6 Bf-109E-4N-DeRated@2
Repair 6 Ju-88A-1@8
Repair 7 Bf-109E-4B@1
Repair 7 Bf-109E-3B@3
Repair 7 Bf-109E-3B@2
Repair 7 Ju-88A-1@3
Repair 7 Bf-109E-3B@11
Repair 9 Ju-88A-1@31
Repair 10 Bf-109E-3@4

MakeAircraft 15 Bf-110C-7Late 10 7
Move al19 am19
Move am20 ao20
XY DESTROYER_14932_AXIS 155737 193208 0
XY DESTROYER_14930_AXIS 151204 194952 0

MakeSupplyColumn 15 Bombs 50
MakeSupplyColumn 15 Bombs 50
MakeSupplyColumn 15 Bombs 50


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