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ID enemy ships

Postby Perfesser » Wed Jul 27, 2016 5:31 am

During the testing phase I've had the opportunity to attack an invasion fleet with a few of our defending ships mixed in. The problem occurs when both sides have Minensuchbootes in close proximity to each other.
The graphics bugs didn't allow me to see the actual ship firing at me. I saw blue tracers coming from what looked like an open patch of water and was shot down after multiple passes trying to determine what boats were the enemy ones. Second time around I killed a suchboote closest to the tracers - turned out to be one of ours.

If the Brits were to use the Flower corvette instead of the Minensuchboote it would be possible, though still not easy, to tell them apart.
They seem to have nearly the same number of guns as viewed in FMB (same firepower?) with subtle differences in appearance such as hull colour and lifeboat location to ID them.

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Re: ID enemy ships

Postby 3./JG51_Stecher » Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:50 pm

This is directly from the HR manual:
Same type of vessels are chosen for both sides due to the lack of a similar type of merchant ship on the German inventory and also, due to the presence of a bug on the British warship that makes it fire only with one of its three deck guns, leaving it in great disadvantage when facing the powerful Minensuchboote.

Back when I put the unit sets together, I confirmed that the British version does not fire with the two rear gun positions, and so we haven't used it.

However, since these two ships are clearly the same ship, with only a slight tweak and reskin between them, I was curious which one is the real one. Looking things up just now to respond to you, it's clear that the Minensuchboot of our game is the M1935 German minesweeper. The "Flower" in our game is the clone, not actually a Flower class vessel. And then I realized, this so called bug of the guns not firing is probably very intentional. I'm thinking they disabled the other guns on their clone model to make it more accurate to the armament of the actual Flower class ships.

The German version gets its appropriate armament:
2 X 105mm for surface use
1 X twin 37mm (single shot) for surface and anti-aircraft use
2 X 20mm for anti-aircraft use

The British clone version gets the partial armament:
1 X 105mm for surface use
2 X 20mm for anti-aircraft use

This attempts to simulate the real Flower class which had a single 4 inch gun, and either 1 40mm or 2-4 light machine guns for anti-aircraft use.

That potentially changes the issue depending on how you want to look at it. If you want them to be closely (exactly) matched in capability, then we have to use the Minensuchboot for both teams. If you want the ability to visually ID them directly, instead of inferring by gunfire, then while the British version would be less lethal, it at least would be more historically correct for the ship type, rather than because of some game bug.
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Re: ID enemy ships

Postby Perfesser » Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:22 am

OK thanks.
I did look at them in FMB and they looked like they had similar capabilities but if one has less than half the firepower that does change things.
I haven't had many dealings with the Flower class beyond getting zapped anytime I got close to one, my impression was they were pretty nasty.

I guess we're stuck with both sides using the same boat. We'll just have to limit attacks to those situations where we can get a positive ID.
If the fleets get mixed they'll have to shoot it out on their own.
TF patch/update should be very soon, I hear the graphics bugs with ordinance are on the list of fixes too. That might change everything if it can be determined where the fire is coming from. Maybe we can persuade the Brits to run up the proper ensign.....

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