GS launching live by Moxy

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GS launching live by Moxy

Postby II./JG1_Schulte » Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:35 am

GhostSkies, just completed a 20 mission “open” campaign.
A lot of registrations, low participation. The overall feedback is...that most pilots will get into it,
once we go completely full switch. So that’s next.

The campaign...Every “entity” , industrial, manufacture, resupply, usage, down to a flak gun, or truck,
intertwine, so simply and dynamically...creating an environment, of what, IMO, pilots really had to deal with.
From a pilot/participant perspective, as we flew, we got to know and learn, our back yard, so to speak.
As we would work our way in, we would notice how “defenses” on route would evolve, and traded “intel”, getting to know even more of our back yard. So much “intel” of the enemy's movements, and situation's, are visual! And there are no restrictions except land and sea, to locations in which an enemy’s units can be in. Several times our enemy, placed flak traps, on suspected egress routes, on their summations of their own “intel” on us
I guess what Im trying to reiterate is, you can be the hottest fighter pilot on the planet, But if you don’t
have any inkling of some gun tucked away in some horse barn somewhere, well today, might be your day.

I also commanded the axis side...What an incredible tactical learning experience! Logistics to keep
em flying and shooting and bombing. All the while the enemy, is trying to disrupt, harass, destroy,
anything, anywhere. Airbases, factories, convoys, guns, tanks, storage bunkers, refinery’s, the power grid/plants, ship/destroyers/barges/invasions, army’s, defenses, and yea... air to air, plus intelligence.
While were also trying to give it back to them! (all tracked and dynamically effective)
Example: we had an invasion come up our backside! We hadn’t seen it coming! We didn’t get intelligence that a fleet had gathered and loaded and was out to sea. We missed it. The invasion secured a solid foot hold and subsequently the capture of 2 of our airfields, and its resources. Now utilized by the enemy. On the other hand, we harassed the industrial and resupply infrastructure, to good effect. Causing numerous shortages for the enemy airbases and aircraft, unknown to us till after the war.
We also suppress, coastal industrial, and airbase facilities, in sea saw/ping pong battles, with the enemy.
Mud moving jabo's, flak and fighter filled skies, tank and artillery shots everywhere, you think everything is trying to kill you! You’d be pretty much right.

So our next move is to go full switch live! As soon as we have a good fill of registered pilots, and their commanders...we go!

So here’s whats needed:
Pilots have to register at (link), for the forums. There’s a Luftwaffe and allied side.

Once registered, we will set you up, with “security clearance” to get you in the server, forums, and the Gui/warmap.

Commanders...particularly ALLIED! The job requires about 3 man hrs per mission.
If a commander develops a cooperative system, among his team. The workload is minimal!!
I know...I did the axis side alone. I developed a system....GS, will teach any perspective commander...any tips, tricks, tactics, and systems. After all GS is suppose to be fun, whatever your definition of fun is lol. And that includes commanders. If you have interest in commanding, shoot us a pm, post, etc.

This is going to take a little time to organize, it will fall into place...register, communicate, GhostSkies is better than Swiss Cheese!

OK links:


Warmap/GUI (CAMPAIGN sub menu, “Campaign status” (PW'ed), “How it works”. Reference guide.. explore! This is all the info, intel, fly or command.

GhostSkies TeamSpeak (pw AAA)

II./JG1_Heinz “Moxy” Schulte's personal Email (technical adviser to GS, 24hrs for reply)

Im going to do my best to keep posting, pilots register, and get on team speak. This thing will start rolling for a lunch date. Hopefully in less than 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!


last mission intel map

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Re: GS launching live by Moxy

Postby Stab/JG1_Britchot » Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:17 pm

II./JG1_Schulte wrote: Im going to do my best to keep posting, pilots register, and get on team speak. This thing will start rolling for a lunch date. Hopefully in less than 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you're saying, "Two weeks, be sure"?

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